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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is our Community Manager with Community Management Services?  Tamara Chafey is the Community Manager.  She can be reached via email or 631-2213 x233.

What is the website  Here you can find architectural review forms, copies of the covenants and more.  You can get your login information by emailing Once registered you will receive automatic email updates on news and information for the community.

Who oversees the community for maintenance and repairs? Community Management Services, Inc. Tamara Chafey is the Community Manager.  She can be reached via email or 631-2213 x233.

Who hires the HOA management company, landscapers and other vendors? The Board of Directors hires the Management Company to oversee the day to day fiscal and common area or full maintenance needs of the community. The Board of Directors also hires the Landscaping and Pond vendors as well. Each year these contracts are put out for bid and reviewed.

What can be done about covenant violations in the community?  Violations will be pursued as aggressively as possible—via written notice, admin fees, personal contact and, if necessary and prudent, legal action. Please report violations to your Property Manager.
What is being done about homeowners who have not paid their association fees?  Homeowners who do not pay their association fees are assessed a late fee per the declaration.  Continued non-payment results in a lien being filed against the home and personal judgment in small claims court pursued against the individual.

When do I need to submit an architectural review form?  An architectural review form should be submitted for any exterior change, addition or improvement to your home or lot.  Form should be submitted at least 30 days in advance of the proposed project start date.  Architectural review forms can be found 24/7/365 at

Who is responsible for snow removal? The Board of Directors is responsible for hiring the snow removal company.  BAM will remove snow on community streets and apply ice melt at the entrance. Homeowner’s are responsible for driveways, sidewalks and the walks leading to the front door.  

How often are the ponds treated? Ponds are inspected for algae and aquatic weeds every ten days and treated on an as needed basis. All products applied are labeled safe for aquatic ecosystems. Drought conditions create an abundance of algae and make controlling aquatic weeds a bit harder. During these times inspections and treatments are increased.

Who is responsible for mailbox replacements? Homeowners are responsible for mailbox, post repairs and replacements. You may contact Estes Designs 317-719-4195. They will provide specifications for Highland Green HOA.

Are homeowners allowed to park on the street?  Parking on the streets is not allowed.  Please use caution while waiting at Bus Stops.  When streets are icy, parking on both sides of the streets can create hazardous conditions.